FINNOFLEET gains traction

Meeting new targets in the world of finance with six companies and more than 350 industry experts at 10 locations

The time has come. With b+m Informatik GmbH, Base-Net Informatik AG, engram GmbH, K&W Software AG, PRO-DIRECT-FINANCE GmbH  and SUBITO GmbH, the new team at FINNOFLEET is ready to expand the horizon of the financial world with smarter digital solutions.

Now working from ten locations, we aim to lead our more than 400 clients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein to new and more ambitious corporate objectives. FINNOFLEET draws on the exclusive knowledge of more than 350 industry experts – in conjunction with innovative technical solutions specially developed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, such as flexible SaaS models and AI systems. This enables us to fully support our clients in the digitalisation and automation of their business processes.

Any questions? Then we look forward to hearing from you.